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Antonin Dvorak
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Collection: Public_classical_music_BeG

AudioComposers: Antonin Dvorak Artists: Chicago Sy.Orkest; Rafael Kubelik Tracks: Antonin Dvorak: Symfonie no.9 op.95 in e kl.t. (B.178) - Symfonie no.5 From the New World
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AudioComposers: Antonin Dvorak Artists: Henry Swoboda; Wenen Staatsopera Orkest Tracks: Antonin Dvorak: Nocturne in B gr.t. op.40 (B.47) Antonin Dvorak: V prirode{ca} op.91 (B.168) - Amid Nature Antonin Dvorak: Karneval op.92 (B.169) - Carnaval Antonin Dvorak: Othello op.93 (B.174)
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AudioComposers: Antonin Dvorak Artists: Winterthur Sy.Orkest; A. Moskowsky; Henry Swoboda; Hongaars Kwartet; V. Palotai; Z. Szekely; L. Halleux Tracks: Antonin Dvorak: Strykkwartet op.96 in F gr.t. (B.179) - American Antonin Dvorak: Suite op.39 in D gr.t. (B.93) - Tsjechische suite
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